Intelligent Nasal Drug Delivery with ViaNase ID

Counterfeiting, fraud, and theft within the pharmaceutical industry's supply chain ranges from conservative estimates of $30 billion to more than $50 billion in annual losses to corporations, according to market studies by PIRA International, IMS Health, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA and pharmaceutical industry groups are calling for devices that minimize counterfeits, curb abuse and improve patient compliance. ViaNase IDTM addresses all three requirements.

With built-in electronics and power, ViaNase ID includes the following features:

  1. Authentication – ViaNase ID can recognize specific drug information such as product identification, expiration date, etc. by reading a coding technology placed on the drug packaging or unit dose ampoule. Based on the information read, ViaNase sets operational parameters.

  2. Lockout control – ViaNase ID will power up only if it reads the correct product ID and the drug is not past its expiration date.

  3. Designated user control – ViaNase ID will power up only if it recognizes a permitted caregiver or parent identification code.

  4. Operational parameter control - Based on drug type, the following variable parameters are set:
    1. Optimized droplet size and atomization rate
    2. Vortex characteristics
    3. Breath activation
    4. Cleaning cycle designated

  5. Dosing controls - ViaNase ID can increase patient compliance rates by:
    1. Setting specific atomization time in min/day or number of doses/day
    2. Setting the total number of doses per prescription
    3. Sounding an alarm when a dose is required

  6. Data storage and transmission - Information such as drug ID, drug type, time/date of doses, total amount of drug delivered, and operating parameter records can be saved to a data storage card or downloaded to a PC or PDA. This information is useful for physicians, pharmacies and clinical trial coordinators.
      Download ViaNase Product Data Sheet

ViaNase with integrated display

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